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Most people have probably never heard of Randy Regier. However, those interested in the retrofuturistic artists would be astounded to hear about the awesome toymaker. The artist is based in Maine and creates incredible work in a very faux retrofuturistic style that focuses on the optimism and futurism of post-wartime America. Randy is known for creating toys that are handcrafted and has a humorous element attached to an era of American culture of the past. The pieces that he creates are aesthetic and uses materials that are both diverse and impressive. He stays away from pulling apart toys that have already been created and instead builds his works right from scratch. Even the packaging is intricate and beautiful, along with a realistic element attached to it. For those who see his work, it takes a bit before the humour of his creation strikes you – this is the beauty of his work.

The NuPenny

In recent times, the artist has been showed for his creation of the store called the NuPenny. The showcase has been an attraction in many of the towns in Maine and has run for several weeks. The store’s insides are amazing and completely in monochrome shades. The interior is also lit perfectly to highlight the shades of grey. In short, the NuPenny is a work of art in itself. Every person who passes the store is struct by the art that keeps its nature hidden from plain sight. The store is never opened when it was showcased, which makes the passersby very drawn to the insides. They are often seen pushing their faces at the glass panes to peek inside the store and leave shocked and enthralled by what they witness.

Looking Closer

The creations are unique, and when looked at up-close, they have a whole array of small pieces that seem to have come to the present with a time machine. The media personnel who spoke to Randy understand that the parts are inspired by song lyrics that influenced the artist to create the toys. The whole display is like an insight into the thinking of Randy without actually revealing that music lyrics inspire it. 

One of the toys that stands out the most is the Future Bus. The entire toy is handcrafted and is a part of Randy’s extensive collection. The sleek lines and the done shaped appearance of the bus is what you would expect to see in a vintage magazine. It is a real art piece and is not something that kids would be tempted to play with. His action figure collection is where the humour element is more prevalent. His version of John Manshaft has a unique hyperbolic style along with a semi-nude figure that is rather boring in appearance. Randy creates thee toys to strike into the curiosity element of the audience and ranges from action figures to even space crafts that have been set up outside to seem like it has just landed from another time and space.