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Technology is a continuous challenge in the modern era. There are always new types of technology being introduced into the technology industry. For example, the latest apple watches and phones are an improvement of the older ones. However, many countries have been known to try to take claim of the best types of technology being released. However, none of the inventors can come close to the creators of Japan. This small country is known to make the highest number of machines and use them almost every day. The streets in Japan’s cities, like Toyko, have vending machines that can cater to your every need. Futurism in Japan is presented directly to the audience through books, TV shows, and animated series, like in other countries.

Mangas and anime, are favorite comics in Japan. Many love it. This is where most of the futurism is represented. Battles against aliens from a different world and piloting giant robots to defeat other monsters or aliens are a typical storyline in the comics that hail from Japan.

Teacher Robots

Many authors and comic artists have already contributed to the image of the teaching robot technology. Series of mangas and illustrated novels have shown that there is a high possibility of teaching being executed by robots in modern Japan. The idea that is promoted through the comics is that robots and technology can be used effectively help students understand problems and learn faster. The machines or robots displayed, is said to rap the students on the head if they are caught not focusing, or even if they get the answer wrong. As brutal as it may sound to many, this process is beneficial to the students, according to those who were brought up in the Japanese culture, making it seem more realistic and more possible that this invention can be placed into the real world

Deep Sea Adventures

Another wacky and interesting invention that is sure to be the future of Japan, at least according to the theories, are the creation of saucer-like aircraft. The idea for this invention was first brought into being in 1957 when it was published to the entirety of Japan. The creatives of this futuristic invention are to create flying aircraft that resemble alien space ships. These inventions according to the novels that they were included in, were supposed to be used as research vessels that can travel to the furthest and highest parts of the world. For example, they could be used to explore the Arctic.

Propeller Trains

Another more weird and unexpected invention to ever be featured is the propeller trains that resemble swans. New and improved designs of trains are already being featured all over the world, especially in developed countries where metros and bullet trains are fitted with the best technology that changes not only its use, but also its performance rates. This new idea of trains in Japan, is designed to hold a large group of people at a time, is expected to replace all other types of rails when the time comes.