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In Design, Retrofuturism Becomes A Copied Nostalgia

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Recognizing shapes from childhood gives many people nostalgia and an inexplicable longing for the past. Retrofuturism works with a falsification of history and reverses the requirements. The story feds back. While we imagine the future in the most dazzling colors, retrofuturism is returning back to us from the forgotten history. It reflects those ideas of the future that people thought might be possible now. You can see this by comparing science from fiction movies where the present days are shown in very a futuristic way. Similar to a vision of the future that was presented in such top movies as Star Trek or Space Odyssey. The future suddenly looks like the present. The feedback is typical of retrofuturism. For several years, and especially since the events of 2020, retro has been back in fashion. That is evident not only in style but also in furniture and cars.

Shape The Future And Quote The Past

Suddenly, there is no trace of avant-garde and revolutionary forms. Retrofuturism combines strange shapes into a new whole. Old and fresh collide and connect. The familiar shapes and colors sparked enthusiasm because they evoke childhood memories. That has a lot to do with the emotional attachment that comes automatically with looking at this style. People love everything that reminds them of a seemingly happy childhood, because Haptics, quality, and security evoke such glad memories in us. Retrofuturism makes use of it. However, this is nothing more than an attempt to falsify the real history. It allows you to escape your present state and travel to a new, possibly better, time that is not real. You can find the 50s and 60s everywhere today. Anyone who wants to shape the future today is happy to quote the past.

The Energy Is Lost

But what once promised an artistic revolution is now just an adaptation to the mainstream. It is desperately looking for new forms of expression and keeps sliding back into the past. The result is a return to familiar shapes and colours. Retrofuturism in design quotes full of enthusiasm and vigour, but the process lost its energy. But whoever screws down the future to quote the past robs you of the power of change.

On the contrary, it turns into pure nostalgia. Instead of relying on excitement about the new, there is joyful recognition. Everything looks like it used to be. Retrofuturism wanted to look into the past to find new mechanisms there. They tried to reconstruct the future. But this only resulted in a new historicism. That trend is lost by the modernism. There is no longer any search for new forms for unique needs. The designers use the past and pull it into shape until it fits the present. So aimlessness becomes a phenomenon of our time. Some designers even explain succinctly that the time of the big litters is over. But some architects and designers have accepted the challenge. They follow the authors of Arthur Rimbaud’s motto that you have to be modern.