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Trends in Modern Art: Futurism and Dadaism

Trends in Modern Art: Futurism and Dadaism

The whole history of art is made of connected ways of visual perception, reflecting how a person sees the world. Art is the construction and reflection of reality. But the reflection of the same reality depends on trends. In art, literature, culture, and design, we see changing trends and such changes determined that realism was… Read More

In Design, Retrofuturism Becomes A Copied Nostalgia

Recognizing shapes from childhood gives many people nostalgia and an inexplicable longing for the past. Retrofuturism works with a falsification of history and reverses the requirements. The story feds back. While we imagine the future in the most dazzling colors, retrofuturism is returning back to us from the forgotten history. It reflects those ideas of… Read More

Retrofuturism in Robotic Vaccum Cleaners

If you browse the internet frequently, then the chances are that you have seen pictures from different eras. You may have seen multiple images of people making predictions of how our houses would look like years ahead. This is the essence of retrofuturism. Most popular retrofuturism predictions involved the home’s kitchen. In between the fifties… Read More

Randy Regier’s – The Retro Futuristic Toymaker

Most people have probably never heard of Randy Regier. However, those interested in the retrofuturistic artists would be astounded to hear about the awesome toymaker. The artist is based in Maine and creates incredible work in a very faux retrofuturistic style that focuses on the optimism and futurism of post-wartime America. Randy is known for… Read More

Retro Futurism in The Advertising Industry

Science fiction is one of the ways in which man showcased his imagination and creativity when it comes to envisioning the future. This includes stories and narratives about space exploration, alien life, artificial intelligence, and cities powered by the greatest technologies that the human mind can realize. In the field of creative arts, there is… Read More

10 Architectural Fails That Attempted Retrofuturism

Retrofuturism is a creative movement whose purpose is to create and depict artistic visions of the future made from an earlier point of time. Here is a list of ten retrofuturist architectural fails, not limited to dictator monuments and out-of-the-box urban planning, from the past century. 1. Antoni Gaudi’s Hotel Attraction Gaudi is known worldwide… Read More

Retro Futurism in Structures – Architectural Wonders

Retro-futurism in structures is undoubtedly a thing, though it feels impossible to believe that they exist. The structures are way beyond our imagination and give that feeling of maybe they live in parallel universes. The buildings are created in the same way the creators envisioned them; combining designs from the era, they were constructed but… Read More

Japanese Retro Futurism is All the Jazz

Technology is a continuous challenge in the modern era. There are always new types of technology being introduced into the technology industry. For example, the latest apple watches and phones are an improvement of the older ones. However, many countries have been known to try to take claim of the best types of technology being… Read More

10 Times the Jetsons Got it Right – Part 2

Talking alarms Back when The Jetsons was initially aired the best way to wake up on time for your next miserable shift on the job would be to use an alarm clock fit with a rather enthusiastic bell that was as upsetting as getting out of bed. In this atomised future the Jetsons had alarms… Read More

10 Times the Jetsons Got it Right – Part 1

Back in 1962 the animation production company Hanna-Barbera released their futuristic cartoon sitcom titled The Jetsons. It played as something of a counterpart to their Stone Age sitcom The Flintstones and played out as a satire on what at the time was modern life. In the process of doing this it turned out their jokes… Read More