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10 Times the Jetsons Got it Right – Part 2

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Talking alarms

Back when The Jetsons was initially aired the best way to wake up on time for your next miserable shift on the job would be to use an alarm clock fit with a rather enthusiastic bell that was as upsetting as getting out of bed. In this atomised future the Jetsons had alarms fixed into their beds that would wake them up with the voice of a truly reliable and typically English butler along with a foghorn that perhaps was worse than the bell. Today we need only talk to our phone and ask it to wake us up at a certain time. Whether it’s Siri, Alexa or Cortana they’ll be happy to oblige, you can even set a foghorn to wake you.

Dog Treadmill

You may remember during the intro of every episode George had to walk Astro the dog on a treadmill, seeing as there are no roads in the clouds. It’s a simple yet effective way to solve the problem up until a pesky cat appears speeding up the treadmill to the point George has a ride worthy of any theme park. Well now you can get special dog treadmills, usually used by vets as a form of physical therapy for canines, through if you’re lazy you can solve the dog walking problem at home too!

Flat Screen TV

The flat screen TV is pretty much the norm in our homes now, so normal in fact that companies are trying to find something new to use as their next selling point. Well back in the 60s things were very different; TV’s were huge boxes with a tiny black and white screen in the middle. The Jetsons were well ahead of their time with their flat screen TV that lowered itself down from the ceiling.

Printed food

We’re still not completely caught up with the Jetsons on this one but with the marvel that is 3D printers it is actually possible to print out food, in time it could be a very real prospect that we have something like the ‘Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle’ in The Jetsons. This is a machine that creates whatever food you want at the push of a button, now that is impressive.

The Internet

Though perhaps they didn’t predict the intricacies of the internet Hanna-Barbera did include a lot of devices that pretty much did the same thing, computers that held databases of all human knowledge that come in particularly handy for Elroy’s homework along with things like digital newspapers. Perhaps it’s not an exact match but it’s certainly close.

Video Phones

The Video phone is an absolute classic sci-fi trope, not only in The Jetsons but in all sorts of things from Star Trek to Back to the Future II. Growing up seeing these things on the TV I always wondered when it’d be possible but never imagined it’d be so soon. Now it’s very much a reality and every smart phone has the capability to do it. And to think I was sure the flying car would come first, go figure.