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10 Times the Jetsons Got it Right – Part 1

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Back in 1962 the animation production company Hanna-Barbera released their futuristic cartoon sitcom titled The Jetsons. It played as something of a counterpart to their Stone Age sitcom The Flintstones and played out as a satire on what at the time was modern life. In the process of doing this it turned out their jokes about our future weren’t actually so far off the mark. Many of the strange devices and amusing ideas turned out to become real parts of what is now our everyday life, so here’s a few of those things that were featured in The Jetsons.

The Roomba

The Jetsons used all sorts of gizmos and gadgets to help them do chores around the house, probably the most memorable was their “outdated” cleaning robot named Rosie. She was basically a house made that wheeled her way around the home dusting and polishing. Though she was certainly the most prevalent the Jetsons did in fact have what we now know as a ‘Roomba’, a small device that drives around the home vacuuming the floors as it does. This device has been available as a real life feature in homes since 2002 and over 10 million have been sold since.


If you’ve somehow managed to get by without seeing one of these things yet, a drone is a small remotely controlled flying device that can do all sorts, from taking pictures to delivering your mail (courtesy of Amazon). The Jetsons also used these remarkable things, albeit in a more advanced way.

Whilst George would make his way to work in his still undeveloped flying car (what gives?) he would drop his kids off at school using drones. Surely we can’t be so far off this level of service?

Smart Watches

Though they weren’t the first to use it, here in the world of the Jetsons smart watches were very much a part of everyday life, as shown by a friend of Elroy who is using his to watch an episode of The Flintsones whilst at school. Since Apple launched the Apple Watch in 2015 several other technology companies have followed suit, they’ve very much become a standard device of the 21st Century.  You can use them to read and send texts, make calls, view maps, track fitness goals and even check the time, all from the convenience of your wrist.

Peekaboo Prober

It’s one thing to keep your home tidy with robotics but nothing should come before one’s health. Well fear not, once again The Jetsons has you covered with the “Peekabo Prober”. This was a small robotic tablet that George was given by his Doctor, it travels around his body scanning it and giving him an inside check-up. Amazingly this is now a real thing and it’s perhaps more sensibly called a ‘PillCam’. Developed in 2004 this small device can be swallowed in order to take photos of your digestive system in order to detect things like gastrointestinal issues or internal bleeding with ease.